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How would you like to have one of the country's top professional speakers as your own personal presentation skills coach?

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Now...not one, not two, but THREE divisions, one that's sure to be perfect for you!

You may participate in the sessions live, or listen to them in the private archives at your convenience. 
Registration is open and ongoing.
Registration is limited.

Sign up now for the division you wish to be a part of by contacting 

1. Mikki Mouth Club Speaker Source  - Five customer-ized one-to-one coaching sessions with Mikki, in-person, on the phone or via Skype.Speaker Source 


2. Mikki Mouth Club Accountability Academy - a year-long program for participants who Accountability Academywant to continue their learning and to progress to the next level. Accountability is the key to success. Participants in the academy will have quarterly coaching sessions with Mikki in person or by phone or Skype, and will be held accountable to "moving the needle" on their respective speaking goals, be it bookings, creating new speeches, mastering skills or other activities relevant to each individual.
                                       Monthly dues (one-year commitment required):

Keynote Kamp


3. Mikki Mouth Club Keynote Kamp - a two-day intensive for speakers who will emerge with a fully-developed, audience-ready, knock-it-out-of-the-park keynote presentation.

Call us today at 312.664.8447 or
 send an email to sign up!

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If you want Mikki's expertise at an affordable price on an ongoing basis The Mikki Mouth Club is for you.

In addition to your annual membership you'll receive a 10% discount on Speakers School and all products in the EXCESSories line...and more benefits to come.


We all have to give presentations, whether it's for sales, client/association meetings, roasts, toasts, your kid's join this tele-coaching series to learn all aspects of how to deliver knock-your-stilettos-off presentations.




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