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Here you can find the latest information about the global enterprise of Vistage, the groups that I lead, and learn more about my credentials as a Chair. I know you will enjoy finding out more about Vistage and I welcome any inquiries about becoming a member or a Chair. Please use the links at the bottom of this page to visit my other businesses and pursuits or the Vistage link to the home page of Vistage International.

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Vistage International is an invitation only, selection-based membership organization designed for companies wanting to experience exponential as opposed to organic growth and for individuals who are willing to be challenged to grow personally and professionally. Learn how to make better decisions, become a better leader and garner better results

As an executive performance organization Vistage benefits its members with a unique combination of monthly problem-solving peer group meetings, one-to-one self-improving executive coaching sessions and expert speaker workshops. Additionally, there are regional, national and international member conferences, extensive online best-practices library  filled with templates, modules, forums and other actionable content. Members receive access to the Vistage worldwide membership network, with more than 16,000 business leaders around the world in 15 countries, participating in over 1,300 groups, led by 700 professional Chairs and inspired by 900 world class speakers.

What Is the International Member Network?

The International Member Network helps members take full advantage of the combined experience of the worldwide Vistage community. If you are interested in receiving ideas and information on a specific business or personal issue, you may submit a confidential network request. You may also browse the active requests and respond if you feel you can be of help. You may have the experience or perspective that makes a significant difference to another member.

There are four opportunities for membership, these are the two that I facilitate:

The Vistage Chief Executive ProgramTM for chief executives, presidents, general managers or any executive with P and L responsibilities and employees.  

The Vistage Key Executive ProgramTM for senior executives and other direct reports of the chief executive. Also for start-up companies and emerging entrepreneurs.

Research shows that members grow their revenues, on average, at 
more than 3.5 the percentage growth rate after joining Vistage. 
Additionally, our members typically outperform others in their industry.


Biography of Mikki Williams, CSP
Chair of Vistage Groups 429 and 760

Mikki Williams Cover Photo Head Shot

Mikki Williams, CSP, is a Group Chair of two Chicago executive peer advisory boards known as Vistage Chief Executive 429 and Key Executive/Entrepreneur 760. She has been a Vistage resource speaker for over eighteen years and has been in the  top 100 speakers since she began. She was the first winner of  the Above and Beyond Speaker of the Year Award as well as a multiple winner of The Chair Excellence Award.

Mikki's work with her Vistage members is transformational, thought-provoking, creative, FUN, inspiring and challenging, and she holds them accountable to action. Member, Bob Cole states, "From a practical perspective, Vistage is only as good as three key elements; the commitment of your fellow Vistage members, your courage to apply the insights gained and the ability of the Chair to mindfully manage each moment for maximum impact. Fortunately, I have been blessed to experience all three."

Mikki is a voracious reader, which keeps her on the cutting edge of the latest in business and personal development. She has taken extended courses in leadership development in her quest to keep learning, growing and stimulating her own development as well as that of her members: "Facilitation Skills," "Fierce Conversations," "Creating Transformational Experiences," and "Communication Catalyst." Additionally, she is a graduate of Coach University, adding to her coaching prowess. Her passion for Vistage and the dynamic role it plays in business and in the lives of its members and Chairs is in sync with her own values and she is committed to the process. 

Her many successful careers have given Mikki a wealth of information and experience; presentation skills, (Speakers SchoolThe Mikki Mouth Club) sales and marketing, teamwork, communication, customer service, creativity, change, leadership, management, humor in the workplace, wellness and motivation. She believes in the whole person, and consequently works with her members on their strategic growth and business acumen as well as personal development. Her unique style as a Chair, mixed with business savvy, has provided insight and inspiration for life changing impact. From the corporate world to the ever changing world we live in, she is a breath of fresh air - outrageous, colorful, stimulating, informative, and most of all, real!

My Groups

Vistage CE 429

Clark Bellin
Mundy and Associates
Wealth Management

Brian Beaulieu, Vistage's Chief Economist 

David Dastur
Senior Principal
Jensen & Halstead, Ltd.
Architectural Firm

Mark Partridge
Partridge IP Law
Intellectual Property Attorney

John Molyneaux
Molyneaux Financial Group, LLC
Insurance & Financial Services

Craig Reiff
Post Acoute Network Solutions

Bob Cole
North Shore Towing
Towing, Used Auto Parts, Scrap Metal Recycling


Tom Rickert
Gregg Communications Systems, Inc.
Business Telephone Systems and Service, Call/Contact Centers & VoIP Solutions

Sandy Marsico
Sandstorm Design, Inc.
B2B Marketing and Design

Laura Rounce
Exec. Director
Illinois College of Optometry
Higher Education and Health Care Services

Leonard Messner
Exec. Director
llinois Eye Institute - Illinois College
of Optometry

Sherri Heckenast
Heckenast Enterprises

Beth Fahey
Creative Cakes


Jonathan Lazarow
Managing Director
J. Lazarow & Co.

Jim Zimmer
Bio-Enzyme, LLC/Eastern ILL Properties

Eric Webb
Marquette Group

Dave Doubek
Doubek Medical Supply, Inc.

Curt Hupe
Director of Operations
CharNet Technologies

KEY 760

Michael Butz
Director of Compliance
Illinois Eye Institute 

Sheri Sanders
Northshore Towing & Recycling

Karen Drinkard
Gregg Communications Systems, Inc.

Marty Allen
Director, Business Development

Gina Gardner
Corporate HR Director
Flexan Inc.


Jose Eguiguren
VP of Program Management and Continuous Improvement
Ricardo, Inc.

Michael Hobbs
PahRoo Appraisal & Consultancy

Jeff Hornstein
President and CEO
The Speaker's Choice

Benjamin Kleiman
Director of Marketing
LA-CO Industries, Inc.

Karolyn Raphael
Winger Marketing

Susan Laten
General Manager
Interserve, Inc.

Jen Sweeney
Executive Director of Property Mgmt.
Millbrook Properties

Charlotte Canning
VP of Brand and Culture
Hoffer Plastics Corp.

Thomas Stovall
Candid Coffee, Inc.

Bobby Koneru
Founder and President
The Prinz Law Firm

Francine Lasky
Scientific Device Laboratory

Debra Meehan
VP of Pharmacy
Doubek Medical Supply & Pharmacy

Lola Wright
Bodhi Spiritual Center

Taylor Olds
VP Event Services
Meeting Tomorrow, Inc.


Member Testimonials

Like many entrepreneurs, I started a business that needed me on a day-to-day basis. This led me to be caught up in the everyday details, instead of being focused on growing the business. Vistage has been helping me hire, delegate, manage, and become the leader that I need to become for extraordinary growth. Vistage is continuing education at the highest level for business, beyond what graduate school was able to teach. Vistage is the one place I can go to have my business questions answered, and as Mikki would say, my answers questioned.


Sandy Marsico
Sandstorm Design, Inc.


I have become a different person since I've been in Vistage. I look at my business much differently. I feel I'm not alone, I have my group to talk about things that matter most. I know I'm always going to get good advice. My return on this investment has been 1000%.


Len Messner
Executive Director
Illinois Eye Institute


If small business is the engine of the economy, then Vistage is the entrepreneur's mechanic, service station, and parts supplier. So unless you have all the answers, Vistage will be useful to you. And if you do have all of the answers, then please join Vistage so that we can call on you from time to time. If you want to be held accountable, Vistage is the place to be. The Vistage monthly session is an exhausting process, and it should be exhausting. It is an exciting environment that can be loving, confronting, energizing, and draining all at the same time. The intellectual power and problem solving ability of this group is mind-boggling; anything is possible with this kind of a team. Mikki has blended such a unique and diverse group of people together that it seems at first glance that we wouldn't even be able to say "hi" to each other, but the dynamic created has resulted in a bond that could withstand a nuclear attack. It is safe to say that each person in the group would "take a bullet" for another in the group.


John Molyneaux,
Molyneaux Financial Group, LLC



Imagine a, a team of professionals with different talents, varied business experiences, and approaches that you can rely on for smart business advice in managing, marketing, financing, operating, expanding, or selling your business. Imagine hundreds of noted expert speakers available to you in a small, intimate, Q-and-A format. Imagine a resource library of articles available to you on every subject that you will encounter in running your business. And then imagine a supportive team of people, your own Vistage group and Chair, that will ask you the tough questions, play devil's advocate, demand that you do the same for them, and hold each other accountable for the implementation of actions designed to make their businesses better. And imagine an entire network of engaged Chairs that will prompt each other to deliver information or business recommendations at your beck and call.


Dave Dastur
Senior Principal
Jensen & Halstead Ltd.



My Vistage group meetings and one-on-ones with Mikki Williams have provided me with invaluable tools, insights and accountability to grow my practice and to help manage my firm more effectively. Discussing business problems with my group members gives me a better understanding of the business needs of my clients. The Vistage speakers have shared a wealth of strategic ideas and tactical tools to help me better manage my personal practice and have added value to my role in firm management. I have also learned new marketing methods directly applicable to my business development goals and better means for monitoring my progress. My individual monthly meetings with Mikki tie it all together as I endeavor to stick with the plan.


Mark Partridge
Partridge IP Law


I have only been a member of Vistage for about 3 months but it has been a most engaging experience for me. For the first time, I am devoting effort to working "on my business", not just "in my business". I have benefited from highly qualified speakers who make their presentations to a small group, giving us an opportunity to drill down to issues that are pertinent to each of us. I am now beginning to utilize some of the resources available to us through the comprehensive Vistage Website, wherein lies a library of topical material on relevant business issues. Our CEO group is comprised of varied personalities coming from diverse business backgrounds which helps us to dissect challenges from many different perspectives and ultimately, we all benefit through this collaborative process. As our chairperson, Mikki is very effective in orchestrating our discussions, helping the group get to the core of each issue and then holding us accountable for creating and administering a plan of action. Already, our company has been able to address and conclude quite satisfactorily a very delicate personnel issue that we had discussed yet evaded for several years. My Vistage membership has been well worth my investment in time and money.


Tom Rickert
Gregg Communications Systems, Inc.


If you are interested in any of the following, please contact me for further information, answers to your questions or to set up an interview.

* Better decision-making
* Becoming a better leader
* Achieving better results
* Accountability
* Growth - both personal and professional
* Committed colleagues - an end to isolation
* Change in strategic direction



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