The Art and Heart of StroytellingStorytelling is a timeless tradition. We are wired for communicating through, and learning from, stories. There are many universal truths that we all share and our messages get lost if we’re not connecting to hearts AND minds. Mastering the art and heart of storytelling will help you persuade, influence and motivate. Stories fit the mind in ways that data does not. In my experience, the more data one uses the less connected we feel; the more human interest, the more connection. Instead of telling our valuable stories, we feel safer sharing opinions, ideas and beliefs rather than our lives. If you just sit down with your life and your business, and you sort them out as stories you’ll enhance your connections immeasurably.
Parker Palmer who hails from my hometown of Chicago and is a well known author, educator and activist has been quoted as saying, “Human connection comes about through story, it is our shared story that allows us to connect, to empathize and relate.”
In business everyone naturally gravitates toward using logic and statistics because it seems more professional but the truth is that emotion always works better because that’s the way to reach hearts and minds, and also allows people to see the real you, which is authenticity. And storytelling is about authenticity! It allows the real you to shine through and that’s when connections happen…with an audience, a client, a prospect, a family member…with life itself. Real learning happens heart to heart, not head to head.

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