Program Topic/s: Time Management

Suggested Title/s: The Timing of the Shrewd

Program Description:

In today's fast-paced world, the phrase "time is money" is not just a cliche. For many organizations, it is a survival strategy. This seminar is designed to help you or your employees find effective ways to improve performance and efficiency. You will be able to optimize your valuable time by making the proper choices, setting priorities and sticking to them while eliminating nonessentials and ignoring low priorities. Time management is synonymous with life management. Time management is a choice.

Program Benefits:

Learn how to manage yourself better and have more time. Good habits, the key to time management, will enable you and your employees to distinguish between effective and ineffective use of time and prioritize activities to spend more time on what's important. Achieve greater results by managing time, rather than having time manage you.

Learning Objectives:

Allocate time more effectively
Set clear objectives
Establish priorities
How to deal with limits
Handling interruptions
Improved delegation
When and how to take time for yourself
How to combat your secret desire to waste time
Reduce paperwork

Program Length: 1 ½ hours (can be reduced or expanded based on client needs)

Presentation will be "customer-ized" to meet client goals and objectives.

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