Program Topic/s: Stress Management

Suggested Title/s: All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Program Description:

Stress can be a productive and positive tool if understood and channeled in the right direction. To avoid the peaks and valleys of productivity created by high stress and burnout, you need to know how to balance the urgent demands of work and personal life without sacrificing either. Discover how to put more energy in your life by identifying the symptoms of stress and knowing how to quickly deal with them. Come and laugh and learn with Mikki as she teaches you the life skills involved to cope with personal, work, couple and family matters.

Program Benefits:

Stress is a fact of life but it needn't be a way of life. While there are some things beyond your control, there are few you can't learn to manage. Gain stress awareness. Understand the impact of attitude and lifestyle in your ability to cope with stress.

Learning Objectives:

The two types of stress
Four stress myths
Fifty stress symptoms
Burnout and its effects
Identify things in life that cause you stress and potential solutions
Relaxation techniques
Suggestions for skill development

Program Length: 1 ½ hours (can be reduced or expanded based on client needs)

Presentation will be "customer-ized" to meet client goals and objectives.

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