Program Topic/s: Team Building

Suggested Title/s: You've Got Personality

Program Description:

What is the most critical and untaught skill that you must have today? More and more experts agree: it's knowing people. Know people - know what makes Walt unique, and understand what Susan wants and needs - and your relationships will change. You will dramatically improve your effectiveness with the people you work with, the people you supervise, the people you're trying to motivate, your clients - everyone.

We all have individual behavioral styles. Sometimes, however, our personal style can get in the way of our success or prevent us from meaningful communication with others. This inter-active, humorous and enlightening presentation will provide you with a heightened sensitivity to other people's behavioral styles, recognition of the kind of environment they require to do their best and knowledge about how to minimize potential conflicts.

The action plans you develop will build on everyone's strengths, minimize weaknesses, and result in maximum performance all around. These techniques will greatly enhance all your personal and professional relationships - insightful and entertaining!

Key benefits of attending:

Offer your group a set of fresh perspectives on the arts and skills of successful team building and teamwork. Discover practical strategies that foster cooperation in both the business environment and personal lives. Teamwork is essential to an organization's success; but if one or two members don't seem to fit in, or have problems getting along with the rest of the group, the output of the entire team is jeopardized. By helping each member understand his or her behavioral style and how best to communicate with each other, it enables you to work out potential behavioral conflicts between members or, if necessary, to reorganize the team's personnel to achieve greater effectiveness.

The Personal Profile System helps you identify your behavioral style and pinpoints what you might choose to do to become an even more effective and successful person. It adds to your understanding of different behavioral styles and using that knowledge allows you to improve communications and relationships. It identifies areas of interpersonal conflict so that you are alert to each opportunity to minimize problems, or avoid them entirely.

Learning Objectives:

What your individual style of interacting with people is
How you conduct yourself as a member of a group
The types of situation where you tend to lead most effectively
As a leader, how you approach the motivation/satisfiers of people
How you tend to react when faced with strong opposition
If you are more comfortable dealing with a technical or "human" problem
Suggestions for developing greater skills to become even more effective
How personal behavioral styles affect organizations
Teambuilding techniques
How to get people to work cooperatively
Reacting under pressure
Dealing with different priorities
Understand why people resist
Developing good morale
How to get results from people who support you

Program Length: 1 ½ hours (can be reduced or expanded based on client needs)

Presentation will be "customer-ized" to meet client goals and objectives.

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