Program Topic/s: Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations

Suggested Title/s:   Get the Word Out,
This Little "Professional" Went to Market...
(insert industry)

Program Description:

This program gives you the tools needed to develop your abilities:
     Visibility to increase your name and face recognition within your company and business community and improve your image;
     Credibility to establish you as an expert in your field;
     Profitability to attract customers or job offers.

Program Benefits:

Learn the most creative and comprehensive promotion/public relations/marketing tools and tried-and-true methods applicable to all phases of business development in the most cost-effective and creative styles. Many people focus only on acquiring skills, not spotlighting them. Skills and visibility are both critical keys to getting ahead professionally.

Learning Objectives:

Uncover the 20 principles of productive promotion
The 12 promotional vehicles
Learn the 5 Ws
Learn how to prepare your own personal media kit
Identify your company's "differential advantage"
Create profitable direct-mail campaigns by matching your company's "differential advantage" to market needs
Tricks of the trade in creating low-cost/high-impact brochures, ads, newsletters, direct-mail pieces, telemarketing programs, and special-event marketing promotions
Three ways to know for sure what to charge for your services
The 5 hidden promotional opportunities in your local newspaper
How to create small-space ads that get large-space results
Three ways to "pyramid" articles by or about you for maximum impact
How to package your business message/service as a "hot topic"
Little-known resource guides to the media; using them to your advantage
How to produce, host, and publicize your own radio/TV/cable talk show

Program Length: 1 ½ hours (can be reduced or expanded based on client needs)

Presentation will be "customer-ized" to meet client goals and objectives.

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