Program Topic/s: LEADERSHIP

Suggested Title/s: If You Ain't the Lead Dog, the Scenery Never Changes

Program Description:

Leadership is the strategy of taking charge. Every organization requires positive leadership in order to function effectively. When you learn to lead others, to be the one person who makes things happen, you'll gain power, respect and, very likely, great wealth. Leaders are made, not born, and everyone needs leadership skills - from professionals and business leaders to community leaders and local politicians. Develop the skills and determination to become a trustworthy and inspiring leader.

Program Benefits:

Learn how leaders lead and the qualities of leadership that are most in demand.
Understand the different styles of leadership and how to get better results by adapting your style to the situation.
Learn how to pick winners, build a winning team, and discover the path to excellence in leadership.
Learn to listen, support, correct, and reinforce others to positively direct other's interests and energies and to share responsibility without losing control.
Learn to recognize and analyze classic behavioral styles and personality patterns to increase effective communication and team building.
Learn how to use effective praise.
Learn the expectations involved with cooperation and reinforcement concepts.
Identify your leadership style.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to become an effective leader and that being the leader doesn't necessarily make you one
How to resolve conflicts and turn them into cooperative efforts
How to develop skills that help solve problems
Recognize the principles that determine people's support or resistance
How to make people more receptive and enthusiastic about your ideas
Develop strong, committed relationships and loyalties
Increase impact and enhance your reputation within the organization
Gain credibility and respect of others
Handle difficult people and difficult situations
Sources of energy to tap when yours are lagging
Keep an upbeat attitude when delivering bad news
Things to do daily to maintain healthy self-esteem
Keys to motivational strategies and when to use
Help people get in touch with their values, vision, and self
Best way to get up for high-stress times
How to eliminate unsatisfactory performance that holds the team back
Energy builders to do at your desk
What you must do to keep great people

Program Length: 1 ½ hours (can be reduced or expanded based on client needs)

Presentation will be "customer-ized" to meet client goals and objectives.

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