Program Topic/s: Goal Setting, Personal Management

Suggested Title/s: Your Goal-den Opportunities

Program Description:

Goal-oriented people continually challenge themselves to be the best they can be. They know that change is inevitable and growth is optional. They are committed to a mission to develop their talents to the fullest. They understand potential and how their creativity evolves when they overcome obstacles on their way to goal achievement. The difference between success and failure is goal setting. Only three percent of all professionals ever bother to set goals. Join the group of people who are getting what they want in their lives by learning and using goal-setting techniques. When you apply these proven skills, you'll discover who you are and what really matters to you. You will pinpoint the areas in your job and your life where you can make the biggest impact and project personal power that makes others support your goals. The result will be a charged-up approach to challenges with a can-do attitude and a new-found confidence that you apply to all areas of your life.

Key benefits of attending:

Goals cause us to stretch and grow. If they are challenging and believable, we become more, and that is the wisdom of goal setting. It is not what you go after in life that counts; it is what you become along the way. Setting and achieving your goals is the "how-to" part of your success. Learn the seven steps to goal setting. You will create a personal-action plan to take control of your life by setting and achieving your goals.

What you will learn:

Identify what you require to accomplish your goals
Why you set goals
Analyze your present status
What rewards will motivate you to remain committed to your mission
Determine your stress quotient; identify obstacles
Understanding inspiration vs. motivation
Your self-esteem quotient and how it affects your life
Learn how to use visualization and affirmations
Develop the ability to laugh at yourself and things you cannot change
An action plan that includes your mission statement
Your written commitment to your goals
Identify people or groups you need to affiliate with to obtain your goals
How to set deadlines

Program Length: 1 ½ hours (can be reduced or expanded based on client needs)

Presentation will be "customer-ized" to meet client goals and objectives.

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