Program Topic/s: Presentation Skills, Communication Skills

Suggested Title/s: Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Shtick!

Program Description:

Wouldn't you love to dazzle your audience whenever you make a presentation, even if it's an audience of one? Do you choke and go blank? Or fumble and mumble your way through? Or do you knock 'em dead? The ability to speak in front of people is an essential success skill, and no other opens more doors, creates more visibility, and gives you more opportunity to exercise power. Everyone must speak in front of a group sometime. Whether your audience is 2 or 2,000, the key to success is to feel at ease and to speak persuasively. This program deals with the dynamics of creating and delivering powerful speeches. The power to communicate your thoughts is crucial to achieving your goals, whether they concern work, family, or friends. Once you've learned this skill, there's no limit to how far you can go. Whatever your present level of communication ability, this program will make you one of the best.

Program Benefits:

This program will build your confidence in your speaking ability. You will learn to speak without fear; take command of your audience and project credibility and authority. Discover how to research, organize, and practice your presentations for maximum effectiveness so you project the relaxed platform presence of a confident leader and are more persuasive in getting people to act on your ideas. Discover tips, tactics, and techniques that help your butterflies fly in formation, create eye catching titles, memorable moments and capitalize on your you-niqueness.

Learning Objectives:

How to research main and supporting premises
How to structure your presentation and how to say it
5 ways to find compelling stories to spice up your presentation
Specific relaxation exercises to beat pre-speech jitters
How to analyze your audience
The dynamics of your voice
Body language, gestures, and motions - visual aids that keep the audience attentive
When to use humor; what to do if they don't laugh
Props - when and how to use them and when to avoid them
Answering questions effectively; deflecting inappropriate questions
How to handle technical difficulties

Program Length: 1 ½ hours (can be reduced or expanded based on client needs)

Presentation will be "customer-ized" to meet client goals and objectives.


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