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The Art and Heart of StorytellingA BRAND NEW PRESENTATION!
The Art & Heart of Storytelling

Storytelling is a timeless tradition. We are wired for communicating through, and learning from, stories. There are many universal truths that we all share and our messages get lost if we’re not connecting to hearts AND minds. Mastering the art and heart of storytelling will help you persuade, influence and motivate.

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The Whole Life Trilogy addresses the complexities, challenges and joys of life and the rewards offered through a life lived in harmony with one's values. The Whole Life Trilogy is made up of three distinct programs -- each one a unique blend of the Program Topics outlined below. They are offered independently in this suggested sequence:

balance_part1 Part 1: A Balancing Act: Walking the Tightrope of Life
Learn how to achieve your goals in this powerful, life-changing program that deals with potential, inspiration, change and perspective. It addresses life skills, quality of life issues and wholeness as it relates to achieving balance in our lives.

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We Interrupt, Balance Presentation Part 2 Mikki Williams Part 2: We Interrupt this Life to Bring You...
Life is full of interruptions: birth, death, divorce, relocation, new job, health challenges, financial disasters, events that shape our lives and give us opportunities to evaluate, change, grow and find our purpose in life.

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Running the Human Race Logo, Mikki Williams Part 3: Running the Human Race: From Success to Significance
There are times in our lives when we wonder if our vision is in sync with our values. When our purpose, our ideals and our results are not in harmony, we are out of balance. Maintaining a perspective, when we are racing to keep up with time, in an era which always seems to be accelerating, is one of life's greatest challenges.
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Inspiration! Interaction! Humor! Pathos! This program delivers a universal message of quality of life, change and balance. It has inspired people to make significant changes in their personal and professional lives. Discover your uniqueness and develop your potential to shape your life.
  Program Topics: Motivation; Inspiration; Risk Taking; Self-esteem; Success Skills
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Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Shtick Logo by Mikki
Wouldn't you love to dazzle your audience whenever you make a presentation, even if it's an audience of one? Do you choke and go blank? Or fumble and mumble your way through? Or do you knock 'em dead? The ability to speak in front of people is an essential success skill, and no other opens more doors, creates more visibility, and gives you more opportunity to exercise power.
Program Topics: Presentation Skills, Communication Skills
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You've Got Personality Presentation by Mikki Williams
What is the most critical and untaught skill that you must have today? More and more experts agree: it's knowing people. Know people - know what makes Walt unique, and understand what Susan wants and needs - and your relationships will change. You will dramatically improve your effectiveness with the people you work with, the people you supervise, the people you're trying to motivate, clients, spouse, significant other, kids...everyone!
Program Topic: Team Building
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Adventures in Attitudes Presentation by Mikki Williams
"The greatest discovery in our generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives." By stripping away your doubts, insecurities, defenses, and inhibitions, you will find a beautiful person waiting to experience life emotionally, spiritually, and creatively. You will uncover one who cares about others and living life well; someone searching for more depth. That is the purpose of Adventures in Attitudes, awareness and growth. Learn to strengthen your inner resources and examine the inter-relation of thought and life.
Program Topics: Personal Growth, Self Management, Leadership
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Your Network Presentation Logo by Mikki Williams
Networking is the contact sport of the millennium. It's the success skill for sales people, managers, top executives, and for anyone who wishes to get ahead personally and professionally. To be successful, you must understand this concept and how to make effective connections.
Program Topics: Networking, Prospecting, Relationships, Lead Generation
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All Stressed Presentation by Mikki Williams
Stress can be a productive and positive tool if understood and channeled in the right direction. To avoid the peaks and valleys of productivity created by high stress and burnout, you need to know how to balance the urgent demands of work and personal life without sacrificing either. Discover how to put more energy in your life by identifying the symptoms of stress and knowing how to quickly deal with them. Come and laugh and learn with Mikki as she teaches you the life skills involved to cope with personal, work, couple and family matters.
Program Topic: Stress Management
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Only Wet Babies Like Change Logo Mikki Williams
"Change is inevitable... growth is optional." When there is change, when new information comes along and circumstances transform, it is no longer possible to apply yesterday's solutions to today's problems. It is critical to find new answers, solutions, and ideas. The new century is one of rapid shifts and transitions, and those who will thrive - not just survive - are those who are fully equipped to manage these changes.

This program is not designed to analyze where the sophisticated technology of the future will take us, nor how we are governed, nor what is happening globally, nor the changes that are taking place in the American social structure. It is designed to study the dynamics of how we adapt to change and how we can leverage the challenges, means, and methods to better our lives.
Program Topic: Change
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Women: Kaleidoscope Presentation Logo Mikki Williams
As a woman Mikki is acutely aware of the challenges of her gender - a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, she has dealt with death, financial challenges, business failure and success, parental heartbreak, the "sandwich" generation and discrimination. Through it all she has embraced the traits that have afforded her a quality lifestyle, professional distinctions, personal satisfaction, balance and spiritual growth. It seems like the tougher things are, the stronger women get. And although sometimes women have to go it alone, just like the eagle, women soar when they fly. If you want to experience the secrets of these achievable goals join Mikki as she shares with you what it is like to fly like an eagle through the colors of your life.
Program Topic: Women
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Timing of the Shrewd Presentation Logo Mikki Williams
In today's fast-paced world, the phrase "time is money" is not just a cliche. For many organizations, it is a survival strategy. This seminar is designed to help you or your employees find effective ways to improve performance and efficiency. You will be able to optimize your valuable time by making the proper choices, setting priorities and sticking to them while eliminating nonessentials and ignoring low priorities. Time management is synonymous with life management. Time management is a choice.
Program Topic: Time Management
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Words to the Whys presentation logo Mikki Williams
Creativity lives in everyone. We need to trigger mechanisms that activate and nurture this potential. Enjoy concepts, ideas, and techniques to stir the creative juices. This can be achieved through an environmental focus, as well as specific learned skills. There are two major reasons why creativity is important: One is change. When new information comes along and circumstances change, it is no longer possible to solve today's problems with yesterday's solutions. Then it becomes necessary to find new answers, solutions, and ideas. The second reason for generating new ideas is that it's a lot of fun! Mental exercise and innovation is a result of playfulness, good humor, and the ability to leave aside logic, practicality, and conventional wisdom once in awhile. Learn to think differently by playing mental games that stimulate your thinking. We all need ways to generate new ideas, and creative thinking is the means to that end.
Program Topic: Creativity
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He Who Laughs Lasts Logo by Mikki Williams
You've always wondered about the value of humor in the workplace when you suddenly realize that you're not laughing enough, having fun daily and feeling energized to keep your business running, your personal life (if you still have one) and your sanity. What you need is a little stress management, a little humor perspective and just enough dosage of motivation and self development designed to enhance productivity. Mikki Williams, CSP, in her signature unconventional style, will show you that it's a pip! (possible without pills). Laugh, learn, be entertained and, of course, information, lots and lots of information and take home value. Learn to lighten up, loosen up and lift your spirits. Come to your senses of humor.
Program Topic: Humor In The Workplace
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Your Goal-den Opportunities Presentation by Mikki Williams
Goal-oriented people continually challenge themselves to be the best they can be. They know that change is inevitable and growth is optional. They are committed to a mission to develop their talents to the fullest. They understand potential and how their creativity evolves when they overcome obstacles on their way to goal achievement.
  Program Topics: Goal Setting, Personal Management
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Do you No Yourself Presentation Logo Mikki Williams
Are you the type of person the bartender asks, "Could you please leave now so we can start Happy Hour?" People with self-esteem are excited about life, think for themselves, project confidence, accept challenge and exude energy and excitement. High self-esteem isn't a luxury, it's a necessity for anyone who has important goals to achieve. Happy and successful people get more accomplished. High self-esteem is the key to achieving goals. Health self-esteem is the basis for self-improvement. Happy, successful people are not influenced by the negative emotions of guilt or anger. Learn how to turn your dreams into reality by learning to love the reflection in the mirror. This program will help you "Get Self-ish" - self-improvement, self-control, self-discipline, self-management and most important of all, self-esteem. You'll feel more satisfied with your career, strengthen your personal relationships, handle tough times with confidence and develop a positive attitude.
Program Topic: Self-esteem
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Get the Word Out Presentation by Mikki Williams
This program gives you the tools needed to develop your abilities:
    Visibility to increase your name and face recognition within your company and business community and improve your image;
    Credibility to establish you as an expert in your field;
    Profitability to attract customers or job offers.
Program Topics: Marketing, Promotion, Public Relations
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Sell-Abration Presentation Logo by Mikki Williams
This personal development program for professional sales people recognizes that sales performance is dependent on what salespeople do to themselves, not what salespeople do to their prospects. Learn skills that deliver results throughout your professional selling career and how to "grow as a pro."
  Program Topic: Sales/Motivation
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Listening Presentation Logo by Mikki Williams
Everyone knows how to talk, but few people know how to communicate. Effective communication skills put you at ease and allow you to enjoy yourself at social events as well as enhance on-the-job performance. You will learn how to persuade and motivate others and build your communication skills and confidence. Not listening well wastes time, causes lost opportunities and strains relationships. You'll make fewer mistakes, increase your memory, build trust. Good listening shows others that you care. And "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."
Program Topic: Listening
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If you Ain't the Lead Dog Presentation by Mikki
Leadership is the strategy of taking charge. When you learn to lead others, to be the one person who makes things happen, you'll gain power, respect and, very likely, great wealth. Develop the skills and determination to become a trustworthy and inspiring leader. Leaders are made, not born, and everyone needs leadership skills - from professionals and business leaders to community leaders and local politicians. Every organization requires positive leadership in order to function effectively.
Program Topic: Leadership
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Seeds of Health Logo by Mikki Williams
An aging population and more health conscious consumers of all ages are looking for natural ways to prevent disease; to look and feel younger; and to improve overall health. Understand the role of stress and attitude on your well-being. Gain more knowledge about complementary medicine in the face of rising costs of traditional healthcare.
Program Topics: Health and Wellness, Balance, Personal Management
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Customer Service or Lip Service by Mikki Williams Customer service requires many "hats". You're a teacher answering questions, a detective searching out information, a psychologist dealing with emotions and frustration and you're a host/hostess making others feel welcome and comfortable. Learn how to be more sensitive to the needs of those you serve.
Program Topic: Customer Service
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Everyone's Entitled to my Opinion by Mikki Williams
Dealing with difficult people is an opportunity for personal development and behavioral insights. You can't change them but you can change your reaction to them and then your interactions with them will result in more positive experiences.

In every industry as well as our personal lives, we encounter these difficult people who can create havoc in our environments. We need specific techniques to take control of our businesses and our lives by understanding how to deal with them. By looking at the four communication styles and the three choices we have in response to difficult people, we can create and maintain healthy relationships.
Program Topic: Dealing with Difficult People
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You're a Professional What? by Mikki Williams
Joel Schiavone, owner of Connecticut Limousine and consummate entrepreneur said: "An entrepreneur is someone who is mentally and emotionally unbalanced." The key to being a successful entrepreneur lies in the understanding and enhancement of the personal development side of the entrepreneur, not the business plan, the marketing plan, and the technical know-how; rather, developing the skills of success, including the ability to develop a positive attitude, take action, look for the benefit, admit mistakes, and find your strengths and weaknesses. The entrepreneur is a person willing to take unthinkable financial risks, jeopardize marriage and family, and assume enormous obligations. Certainly not everyone has what it takes.
Program Topic: Entrepreneurship
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