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Mikki Williams, CSP
She's not just a woman... she's not just a speaker... she's an event!

What do the Cree Indians of Canada, bankers in Australia, farmers in Indiana, insurance agents in Singapore, and German fitness professionals all have in common with AT&T, IBM and Lockheed? Mikki Williams, CSP, international speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, author, radio & TV personality, entrepreneur extraordinaire and mensch (Yiddish for very real human bMikki Williamseing). Okay, okay, she's got big hair and big jewelry but most of all, a big heart. Attendees everywhere relate to her human-ness, no matter what the topic... you will too.

Whether addressing the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table, or sharing the platform with Suze Orman or Tony Robbins, her unique storytelling is transformational, thought-provoking and she holds her audience members accountable to action. A highly sought after speaker, Mikki provides take home messages that improve the quality of people's lives. Her unique audio visual aids, not Power Point, or computer generated graphics but Play-Doh, PIES cards, customized goal bands, have made her programs more memorable and fun. When people laugh, they relax, they learn more. Mikki believes in the power of humor in all programs whether inspirational or business skills.

A keynoter who will come in early to meet and greet your attendees and incorporate their names and vignettes into her program, making it more relevant for them. A speaker who does her homework by researching your industry, interviewing your people, using industry jargon, customer-izing to provide the most value. Mikki reads several books a month to keep up with the latest in business and personal development. Her material is always fresh and creative, and she was recently named of the the best speakers in the country by Meetings and Conventions Magazine along with Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Lou Holtz, Zig Ziglar, Mike Ditka, Jay Leno...

In addition to Mikki Williams Unltd., her speaking, training, consulting firm and Coaching, etc... her coaching enterprise, her Speakers Schools, she is the Group Chair of two executive peer advisory boards in Chicago, affiliated with Vistage International, the world's largest executive membership organization.

An inspirational humorist and business motivator, her many successful careers have given her a wealth of information and experience in sales and marketing, teamwork, communication and presentation skills, customer service, creativity, change management, humor in the workplace, wellness and motivation. She has co-authored a book on customer service, compiled a book of her favorite quotations called Mikki Mouth: Quotations I Wish I'd Said and Some I Did Say! and produced DVDs, CDs and videos. Her inspirational life story has been optioned for a book and TV movie. An Enthusiologist™ who went from dance choreographer through nine successful careers to word choreographer, she mixes entertainment and humor with business savvy and knowledge to share insight and inspiration for life changing impact. From the corporate world to the ever changing world we live in, she is a breath of fresh air; outrageous, fun, stimulating, informative and most of all, real!

Mikki's Mantra:
Be Outrageous

For all of you left brainers or C personalities (for more on that, hire Mikki to administer the DISC profile for teamwork, relationships, spousal programs, customer service or sales), here's the short list of Mikki's accomplishments:

  • Earned her designation as CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, an honor bestowed on less than eight percent of the National Speakers Association's 3800+ members worldwide.
  • Featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and the money column of USA Today
  • Named one of the Outstanding Connecticut Women of the Decade by the United Nations
  • ABC did a television documentary about her life, entitled "A Better Way"
  • She has spoken on every continent (except Antarctica), at President Mandela's South African home and two times at The White House.
  • BS degree, Ithaca College,(no way she's telling you what year)
  • MBA (almost) University of New Haven
  • MLE Master of Life Experiences
  • Vistage Above and Beyond Speaker of the Year
  • Awarded the National Speakers Association Golden Mike Award
  • Small Business Advocate of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • International Business Person of the Year
  • Finalist, Judge, Keynote speaker for INC. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year
  • First President of the Entrepreneurial Women's Network
  • Celebrity Chef for March of Dimes Gourmet Gala
  • Celebrity "Waitress" for Leukemia Society
  • Served on the Reebok Advisory Board
  • Presidential Sports Award
  • Served on the Governing Board of the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts
  • Member of MPI, Meeting Professionals International
  • Member of CCTB, Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau
  • Contributing writer to industry and commercial publications


Business chronology

Former careers/businesses in chronological order:

Professional Dancer Cartoon | Mikki Williams
Professional dancer
theatre, nightclub, Latin
Physical Education Instructor | Mikki Williams
Physical Education Instructor
Recreation Director

Mother Holding Infant Baby | Mikki Williams
Wife and Mother

my most esteemed roles
The Happy Cooker Logo by Mikki Williams
The Happy Cooker (really!)
gourmet catering and party planning

A Dance Class Logo by Mikki Williams
a dance class
award winning, nationally recognized dance studio
The Body Firm Logo by Mikki Williams
The Body Firm
health club

Kisses Dancewear Boutique by Mikki Williams
Kisses, a boutique
retail enterprise
Me Myself and I Management Consulting by Mikki Williams
Management consulting

Sea-ductive Adventures by Mikki Williams
Sea-ductive Adventures
cruise placement agency for speakers/entertainers
Six Degrees of Wellness by Mikki Williams
Six Degrees of Wellness
natural health products and related services

Mikki Williams Unltd. Logo
Mikki Williams Unltd.
professional speaker/trainer/consultant in business dynamics and human potential
Life and Executive Coaching by Mikki Williams
Coaching, etc...,
executive and life management coaching

Vistage International, Inc. Logo - Mikki Williams
Group Chair of Chief Executive 429
            and Key Executive 760


Profiles in Coeur-age Logo by Mikki Williams

Personalized online dating profiles

The inside scoop on the personal side of Mikki, for those of you, who must know...

Mikki Williams Face, Blonde Hair Mikki was born in the Bronx, only child...but not the favorite. She lived the first quarter of her life in NYC, second quarter doing the family thing in the 'burbs of Westport, CT. Now in her third quarter she is the poster child for the city of Chicago...and now a snowbird as a homeowner in Naples, Florida (4th quarter?). OK, why is life not in thirds, you wonder? Then she'd be in her last third... too depressing! Born on the fourth of July (in case you want to send a present), she is independent, patriotic, colorful and a real firecracker!

Mikki Williams, CSP Cover Photo Head shot Her hobbies include cooking (she's a gourmet cook...Martha, eat your heart out), and actually she's profiled in "Martha, INC," the autobiography, on page 71. A voracious reader and wordsmith, her son Jason teases her about her propensity towards self-help and business books when he is indeed indulging in Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. A former professional dancer, she now competes in Latin American dance (even dabbled in belly dance...she wasn't very good at it... her son Jason used to stand behind her and jiggle the furniture to make it look like she was moving). An athletic gal, she taught PE, owned a health club and earned the Presidential Sports Award. Although she walked 60 miles to raise money on the Avon Breast Cancer Walk she is not a camper...her idea of the great outdoors is the distance from the limo to the hotel lobby. She believes networking is a contact sport and has been practicing since childhood.

Jason Head Shot - Mikki William's Son Her son, Jason who, by the way, walks on water, lives in NYC and graduated from New School University. A talented singer/songwriter, actor and creative artist, he will always pursue his dream with the blessing, encouragement and support of his Mom (thankfully, not financial). He is a successful entrepreneur with a dog walking/sitting company, GoDog. She has two "goddogs," Dirk the Carlin Pincher and Scarlett the rescue Pit Bull. By the way, did we mention, he is absolutely gorgeous (see photo, in case you think, it's just a mother thing).

Giant Lips with Mikki Williams Mikki has so much energy...she makes coffee nervous. One attendee came up to her after a program and asked her to hold his cell phone. As she took it she asked why? He replied, "I just wanted to recharge my battery." As an aside she USED to collect lips (so "puhleeze" don't send anymore:-). (Did you see the buttons on the home page?) Her collection included a five foot lip couch in her home and assorted other lip accessories from toilet seats to artwork (most of which she has now given away...except the couch). More information than you needed to know? Then why are you still reading?

Mikki was happy when the movie "Brave Heart" debuted. Affirmed by Mel Gibson's short skirts and big hair, she is also comfortable with who she is. In a world where most people are trying to fit in Mikki was born to stand out. Audiences who go beyond the exterior find a woman who exudes confidence and credibility in her business acumen and life's lessons. Nine careers later (she's not that old, they overlapped) she continues to use the gift of self-effacing humor to humanize her larger-than-life persona, her flamboyant style and infectious energy, and to endear herself to audiences everywhere. And in line with that other Mel Gibson movie "Forever Young" Mikki had used the same promotional photo for the last 15 years proving that you can be (forever young, that is). She has finally succumbed to her bureaus' and meeting planners' teasing (see current photo). By the way if you thought Slip 'em a Mikki™ was too provocative then you need Mikki's services to help you lighten up. If you thought it clever and creative you need Mikki's services to enjoy.


Mikki Williams holding Dog Brat

Did we mention, Brat (you were expecting Fido?), Mikki's lovable Llasa Apso? In the last year of his life he couldn't use his front paws so she used to take him out in his li'l red wagon.  She misses him every day.

August 20, 1995 - October 14, 2009Dog in Little Red Wagon with Pillows

Old Red Ferrari next to rock For all of you who want to see Kathy of the famous Ferrari Factor from Part 1 of the trilogy, here's her photo. (if you don't know why, you'll have to hire Mikki to hear this audience favorite).

And lastly, Mikki lives by the motto, Carpe Diem!
   ...she wants to be thoroughly used up when she dies...
   ...her ultimate goal is when the check to the undertaker...bounces!

Mikki Williams wearing Carpe Diem sweater

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