"A Balancing Act: Walking the Tightrope of Life" CDs

The full three hour program of Mikki's humorous, inspirational keynote - a catalyst for change!

Product: 3 CD set

Price : $ 60

"Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Shtick" DVD

Wouldn't you love to dazzle your audience whenever you make a presentation, even if it's an audience of one?

Product: Presentation DVD

Price : $ 50.00

Speakers School Day One 6 CD Set

Learn Mikki's secrets in this recording of the full day of Speakers School Day One - 6 CD set on Presentation Skills.

Product: Speakers School Day One

Price : $ 195

Speakers School Day Two 6-CD Set

Learn Mikki's secrets in this recording of the full day of Speakers School Day Two - 6 CD set on The Business Side of Speaking.

Product: Speakers School Day Two

Price : $ 195

Speakers School CD Package: Both Days

Get both days of Speakers School for the value price of $349.00. Day One: Presentation Skills and Day Two: The Business Side of Speaking.

Product: Speakers School Package

Price : $ 349

"Mikki Mouth: Quotations I Wish I'd Said and Some I Did Say!"

Enjoy Mikki's book of favorite quotations. We all need inspiration in our lives to maximize our potential, to deal with change, to put things in perspective.

Product: Book

Price : $ 20.00

"People Smart in Business"

"People Smart in Business" by Tony Alessandra, Ph.D, Michael J. O'Connor, PhD.Using the DiSC behavioral styles modelt to turn every business encounter into a mutual win.

Product: People Smart book

Price : $ 20

"Only The Best On Customer Service"

A book of unique customer service ideas from Mikki and friends.

Product: Book

Price : $ 15

Carpe Diem Mug

Thermographic: changes to "Seize the Day" when you add hot liquid.

Product: Mug

Price : $ 20.00

WYSIWYG rhinestone pin

Adapted from computer jargon: "What you see is what you get."

Product: Rhinestone Pin

Price : $ 20.00

T-shirt Size Large "Yo!"

Yo! Large

Product: T-Shirt

Price : $ 10

DiSC Classic - Personal Profile System

Assessment tool from Inscape Publishing. A comprehensive booklet enabling you to discover your behavioral style and the environment most conducive to success. A plan to help you understand yourself and others. Use for hiring, teaching, communication, teamwork, leadership, customer service and relationships. Quantity Discounts Available.

Product: The Personal Profile System

Price : $ 24

Time Management Profile

Assessment tool from Inscape Publishing. Assess your habitual time management behaviors. Quantity Discounts Available.

Product: Time Management Profile

Price : $ 24

Coping & Stress Profile

Understanding Personal and Relationship Stress. Quantity Discounts Available.

Product: Coping/Stress Profile

Price : $ 24

Refund/Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with any product for any reason you may return it for a full refund. Satisfaction Guaranteed
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