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"Change is inevitable, growth is optional"
Inherent in each of us are the answers to our own questions. As your coach it is my responsibility to help you find them, to challenge you and hold you accountable to actions. Coaching is designed to help you find your perspective in an era where we race to keep up with time which always seems to be accelerating. If your life is overflowing with activity but it isn't the activity you want, leading to the destiny you dream of, maybe it's time to get a life.

I believe we are all unique, we just die as copies. My goal for you is to help you find your uniqueness and then exploit it to manifest your dreams into goals. As things in your life change your strategies may need to change. Working with a coach is about helping to refocus your goals and to help you gain clarity by finding your authentic self which in turn will lead you towards your personal evolution.

What is a coach?
A coach is the carrier of another person's potential.
"Are the names we give ourselves big enough to hold our potential?" 

People often ask what is the difference between a coach and a therapist?

A therapist helps heal the past so that you can be whole in the present and the coach assumes that you are whole and helps you build an incredible future. Faster than psychoanalysis and more powerful than good intentions, a coach helps create transformational experiences one choice at a time.

You need coaching if you can answer yes to any of the following;
  • Your life is out of control
  • You are not living in sync with your values
  • Your choices do not reflect your priorities
  • You confuse who you are with what you do
  • You have challenges dealing with change
  • You are reactive rather than proactive
  • You operate in a stress mode
  • You appear intolerant of people or situations
  • You are "should-ing" on yourself
  • Adrenaline is your main source of fuel
  • You feel overwhelmed, overworked and over the hill

Who is Mikki?
Mikki Williams, CSP Cover Photo with Feathers Mikki Williams, CSP is one of the foremost authorities in the speaking and coaching industries on life balance, change and quality of life issues as they relate to the Whole Person Concept. Her programs are based on years of coaching individuals to this state of being and walking her walk. She has lived a transformational life as a wife, mother and daughter, adoptee later in life, displaced homemaker and struggling parent. At different times in her life,she has been married, widowed, divorced, and single. In business, she has been an executive in corporate America, the CEO of her own entreprenurial start-ups and many award-winning companies. She has had corporations, partnerships, Sub-S, sole proprietorships as well as business failure, embezzlement, buyouts, dissolution, and immeasurable success. She has experienced incredible joy and profound sorrow. A working mother, single parent, product of a divorced household, has gone from tragedy to triumph, earned many awards and distinctions, traveled the world, started nine businesses and has the life experiences as well as the coaching expertise to inspire incredible results.

Coaching is designed to help you
  • Find your focus
  • Clarify your vision
  • Turn your dreams into goals
  • Help you make the right choices
  • Determine your values
  • Reduce stress or anxiety
  • Bolster energy
  • Improve performance
  • Support self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhance relationships
  • Hold you accountable to action
  • Achieve fulfillment
Coaches aren't just for sports anymore. Mikki helps clients examine their lives and design road maps to help them fulfill their dreams. Coaching is a dialogue. The coach listens carefully and asks powerful questions that help you become clear on what you want, and eliminate potential roadblocks. The coaching objective is to help you assess where you are and where you want to be in life, to find out what life represents to you and how best to achieve your joy.

"Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved" Yeats

Benefits of Coaching
  • Higher level of self awareness
  • Smarter goal setting
  • More balanced life
  • Lower stress levels
  • Self discovery
  • More self confidence
  • Improvement in quality of life
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Project completion
  • Improvements in health or fitness
  • Immediately take more effective and focused actions
  • Stop putting up with what's dragging you down
  • Create momentum so it's easier to get results
  • Set better goals that you might not have without coaching
Coaching is about self-assessment, changing habits, creating strategies and taking risks to capture one of life's greatest prizes: one's personal best. In some cases, it's re-inventing ourselves, in others, it's maximizing potential, finding our strengths, and minimizing our weaknesses.

The Process
  • Intake session
  •          To determine your personality style through the application of a behavioral instrument in order to foster the best environment to work in.
  • Visions, values, choices
  •          To support you as you define those values that drive you and then to hold you accountable to living in sync with those values.
  • Your plan
  •          Helping you to lay out the direction of your actions leading you to fulfillment.
  • Accountability
  •          Dynamic, measurable results oriented plans to bring you to your ultimate goals.

    Mikki Williams works with people who want to get off the "Someday I'll"
    Clients include
    Pro-active, dynamic individuals
    Self starters
    Sales professionals

    "Mikki's coaching magic has helped me to engineer dramatic turnarounds in every area of my life, from reinventing my business to be capable of thriving in the new economy to rebuilding my health and spirit as I overcame a traumatic breakup of a long-term relationship. I'm not sure quite what ingredients are in Mikki's magic potion, but there's plenty of charisma, insight, and tough love in it to elicit focused energy and transformation in even the most stubborn soul's life."

    Anna Belyaev

    "From the very onset, Mikki builds trust. Then, just when you think you're comfortable, she challenges you to take the dare and change. And when you think you've made it, Mikki reminds you of the rest of your dreams."

    Marjorie Herter

    "Mikki helped me make a significant paradigm shift in my life. We designed an alliance where she enabled me to move from action to meaningful results for those issues that mattered most. By asking tough questions, holding me accountable and providing the professional guidance to reach meaningful results, I have been able to establish a more balanced life. She is a catalyst for change."

    Jim Kelley

    Coaching is a creative conversation between two people in which one's profoundly committed to the other being more successful, fulfilled and evolving into a new relationship to reality. It is a call to action, a tool, intended to help you envision your future and make the reality of it connect to your vision to make your life fuller, happier, more balanced and more meaningful.

    The invisible becomes foreseeable
    The intangible becomes real
    The impossible becomes an opportunity

    Whether you want to change careers or relationships, achieve balance, find your bliss, nurture your potential, manage change, improve your communication skills, develop a new perspective, or simply improve the quality of your life, Mikki will be your companion on this journey.

    The program consists of either coaching in person or by telephone, three times per month with additional email and phone support. A good coach does not have to be in the same geographical area as most are conducted by phone. To begin your journey of self-discovery, for fees and further details, call Mikki at 312-664-8447 or email from this site using the Contact Form or to mikki@mikkiwilliams.com

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