"WOW! You've exceeded our expectations. You held the predominantly male audience in the palm of your hand as you guided them through issues as far ranging as motivation, life balance, change, health and business topics encompassing customer service and management. Our members unanimously agreed that this was by far the best presentation they had heard and was the highlight of our event."

Mary Leahy, CMP Meetings Director, The American Association of Independent News Distributors (AAIND)

"Big jewelry,… Big hair,… Big broaches,… Huge heart,… HUGE SUCCESS!!! Everybody, from our membership services reps, to senior managers, mailroom staff, and board members raved about how you managed to connect with and touch something in each and every one of them. Despite three separate sessions with three distinctly different audiences, the reviews were unanimously spectacular."

Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association

"When I first experienced your presentation through my Executive Committee organization, I knew you were the speaker I needed to energize the conference I was planning. Your unique talent to startle your audience and at the same time earning their confidence while delivering your message is incredible. The enthusiasm you bring to your audience is contagious. You definitely have earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional."

Robert H. Busch, Engraved Stationery Manufacturers Association

"You were the highest rated speaker amongst a group of very impressive speakers. You came, you mingled, and you conquered. I've been planning events for many years and I've never seen anyone hold a room like you did at the Sales Management Forum. Your presentation was inspirational and emotional and really makes people think about their futures."

Steven Wilson, Conference Director, Bank Marketing Conference

"Your keynote address at the SMEI convention was one of the most dynamic and interesting presentations I have ever heard in the many years that I have planned this convention. We have set very high standards and expectations regarding the selection of our speakers. You exceeded our highest expectations with your brilliant performance. As the featured anchor speaker on the first morning you established a tone of excitement that set the stage for a truly outstanding convention."

Jack I. Criswell, CSE, Sales and Marketing Executives International

"From the moment you took the platform as the keynote speaker for the INC. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Banquet until your standing ovation at the end, you captivated the audience with your ideas, knowledge, enthusiasm, humor and charisma. Everywhere I went people were talking about your presentation, how much they gained from it and how the time just flew by."

Donald P. Stewart, Vice President, Bank of Boston

"I must tell you that I enjoyed your customer service seminar tremendously -- you have that rare talent of entertaining while you teach, so that people are having such a good time, they don't realize that they are "working" and they certainly retain the maxims that you impart."

Theresa E. Ginter, Senior Vice President, Delta Funding Corporation

"At this first partners' meeting, our goal was to bring our desired culture into the presentation, while still maintaining a fun and inspiring atmosphere; you achieved them both well. I enjoyed watching how you brought the humorous personal experiences of our partners into the presentation while still making the necessary points. The way you work an audience is excellent. You've definitely earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional."

Darold D. Rath, Managing Partner, Certified Public Accountants LLP, Eide Bailly

"Your presentation was phenomenal, and your enthusiasm was contagious! Comments from the attendees included: "Mikki is the kind of presentation I could take home and share with staff - she motivates and inspires me.", "Mikki Williams was terrific, great idea to include her presentation for morale and self improvement."

Debbie Meeks, Area Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

"You are the first speaker that I've brought in to our partners' meeting that took advantage of our gathering the night before to connect to the audience and get information to achieve credibility. Good going! You delivered a much needed, timely message and entertained us as well. Waking a bunch of accountants up after a big lunch is an awesome task which you have handled with ease. You have a unique ability to startle people yet deliver your message with credibility."

LeRoy E. Martin, Managing Partner, McGladrey & Pullen LLP

"Talking to a group of highly charged investment people is challenging to say the least, especially when they are mostly male and all from New York. You did an incredible job and they are still talking about you and your program. I particularly liked the way you researched our industry and customized your presentation to include our peoples' names, incidents, and industry information. It showed you did your homework and you made me look like a star."

Edward L. Rose, Senior Vice President, Royce Investment Group

"Your wit, enthusiasm, the wonderful stories you shared, and your dynamic personality kept everyone on the edge of their seats. People are still calling to tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation. They think I am the greatest for having you speak at our conference. You have a very special gift and we thank you for sharing it with us."

Sandra W. Sweeney, IAPES Program Chair, International Association of Personnel and Employment Security

"Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to the employees of the Executive Office of the President. Words cannot express how moved we were by your outstanding presentation. It was by far the most successful program we have ever sponsored."

Denise Terry, Program Director, The White House

"The way you worked the Ritz-Carlton philosophy into your presentation made it that much more dynamic for all of the participants. You were starting to sound as if you had worked for the company at some point. I'm still having managers thank me for giving them the opportunity to, "experience" your seminar."

Keith Beatty, Director of Human Resources, The Ritz-Carlton

"You brought down the house with your presentation. You really listened to what we needed and gave us exactly what we requested. You made me look like a hero for urging them to set aside tradition and have you back since, with you, a return engagement is far from a repeat performance. But it is most certainly a sure-fire success! Mikki - you are the best ever! Wish we could have you back every year!"

Gloria Schetty-Plante, Conference Producer, Society for Human Resource Management: Long Island

"Year after year, at our annual conference, you were among our top three speakers. When it came time to select the one keynoter that would be featured at this leadership conference, I knew it had to be you. I wanted to know the woman behind those highly rated evaluations. You have the high energy and charisma only a confident speaker, used to hearing a lot of applause, can project. Our members absolutely adore you."

Vaughan Limbrick, Director of Education, Society for Human Resource Management

"I appreciated the "FANTASTIC" presentations you gave at our four Leadership Conferences. I have heard nothing but Accolades about the message you delivered. The evaluations validated your enthusiasm, sincerity, and professionalism. As a trainer, it was not only enlightening, but a pure joy to watch a "TRUE PRO" weave our specific business needs into your presentation and relate your message to each of our employees invoking laughter and tears."

Richard A. Edwards, Manager, Training, AMAX Coal West

"Now I know why you are one of TEC's most popular and requested speakers. In an organization of international CEOs, you were faced with the daunting task of speaking to those who have heard it all, been there and done that. To hold the rapt attention of CEOs for three hours is no easy task but you did it effortlessly. I knew then that I had to have you come and speak to my employees."

Tony Lazaro, President, Hardwood Line Manufacturing Company

"It is now approximately two months after your presentation, would you believe, everyone I talked to that was present that night still raves about your presentation? In reflecting on your presentation, it is clear from the people that I've talked to that you not only captured and held their attention but brought a message to them that was on target with the way they felt and how they try to live their lives."

Alan Forman, Director, INC. Magazine Entrepreneur of The Year Banquet

"Seldom are most of us provided with the words to move us from laughter to tears, the opportunity to feel compassion, understanding, caring, and, best of all, the feeling of having the power to do anything we set our hearts and minds to knowing that we can make the lives of those around us better all within an hour's time. What a wonderful gift you have given to us and how lucky we are to have had the chance to meet you."


Audrey D. Thompson, Human Resource Supervisor, Johnson Controls

"Our entire management staff has commented that our most recent meeting was the best we've ever had. That, of course, is due to your fabulous presentation to us. We have hired in the past Peter Schutz, Bill Brooks, Jerry Harvey, and Lee Thayer. Everyone agrees that you top them all."

Ron L. Rowe, President, J. W. Pepper and Son, Inc.

"First, it's hard to follow a legend like Peter Drucker. You did it and you did it well! My most memorable moment was after you concluded your speech. You were mobbed by people wanting to touch you; tell you personally of their stories. I shall not quickly forget your sharing a few tears with the gentleman who is witness to the fact, plainly put, you know how to reach people."

Jerry Del Colliano, Chairman, The Radio Only Management Conference

"Your presentation was exceptionally well received with praise and certainly gave us some new and valuable ideas on adjustments that we could make that would simplify our lives and make them more enjoyable. I'm happy to report that the evaluation sheets were straight 5s on a scale of 1 to 5 on both presentation and content, which with a seasoned 11 year group is somewhat unusual."

Ken Jacobs, Chair, TEC, The Executive Committee

"There are three ways to thrill a seminar planner… 1) a profitable event, 2) accolades from paying attendees, and 3) a speaker who is creative, flexible, and fun to work with. No doubt your marketing seminar thrilled me and the audience. I still receive compliments on the seminar…four months later! You went above and beyond the call. Your help in designing the brochure, supplying marketing leads, and presenting such a relevant topic in your enthusiastic style was greatly appreciated."

Susan Hagerty, Director, Small Business Programs, The Business Council of Southwestern Connecticut

"You immediately captured our attention, as I knew you would based on my prior experience. You kept us stimulated throughout the presentation, and we all departed energized with a sense of spiritual and emotional refreshment. In particular, the anecdotes you shared were put to immediate use and hold promise for future reference. In talking with my staff I know your message has meaning both in their personal lives and at work."

James J. Abromitis, President, Trigen Energy

"It's been months since our International Sales and Marketing meeting and I'm still in awe at how the audience reacted to your personal stories. They were truly moved, some even to tears. After wiping the tears away and focusing on how a positive attitude can make a difference, they all came away feeling absolutely energetic and inspired. You were a great success!!!"

Beth A. Aussem, Director, Walsworth Publishing Company

"I have never had a meeting with such positive responses. Your energy is remarkable!!! It is not often that I put 200 engineers in a room for a meeting and not only keep them awake but have them as enthused in the meeting as the speaker and for this, too, I can't thank you enough. You have a wonderful gift. The way you include your life experiences into your seminars has a great effect on your audience. I, as well as my colleagues walked away with an incredible feeling that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to."

Todd Codyer, Administrator, CHIPCOM Corporation

"Each year I select a keynote speaker to address the theme of our conference. In our ten year history of the conference, no other speaker has hit the target and provided a combination of entertainment, instruction, and motivation as well as you did. We look forward to having you speak again at our annual customer service conference."

Ralph NeSmith, Senior VP, Compusource

"Super! Fantastic! Enlightened! Inspirational! Motivational! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, humor, sensitivity and love with us. You were the talk of the conference."

Clint Lampshire, Colorado Association of School Business Officials (CASBO)

"Wow!!! What a great job you did for us. Your energy and enthusiasm was contagious. You were a delight to work with, as we planned our convention and scheduled your opening keynote session. Your efficiency made my task much easier. Your evaluations glow, 'You touch many people.', 'One of the best I've heard.', 'You made me think.'."

Lloyd L. Cox, Chair, Oklahoma Education Association

"You know you are in the midst of a great presentation when the CFO of the company decides that the message is so relevant, that instead of limiting the workshop to sales, marketing and management, he is going to shut down the company for the afternoon so that everyone will benefit! As you know, this is what happened and I know that everyone came away from the afternoon ready to apply what he or she learned both at work and outside of the office."

Jim McColl, Vice President, United Learning

"You were dynamic and entertaining. You made us laugh, and cry. But, most of all, you inspired us. We became motivated. Infected with your enthusiasm, we were empowered to drag out and dust off some of the goals and dreams that, for a while, may have seemed unattainable, but which we can now face with renewed confidence. It was a powerful beginning to our new academic year. Your interaction with the audience before the presentation was very interesting to me. You made people feel at ease and treat them as though you had known them for years. You are truly a remarkable woman."

Patty Umscheid, Conference Chair, Weber State University

"Thank you so much for a quite stunning presentation. I have always considered you to be one of the world's leading keynote speakers but to have literally transfixed an audience for two days as you did was a tribute to your unique communication skills. The way you nurtured even the most reluctant through the voyage of self discovery was an object lesson in empathy and leadership."

Tim Webster, Managing Director, Bodylife, UK Magazine

"Yours is the kind of message that transcends language barriers, and was tremendously well received here in Germany. Your professionalism and energy certainly inspired those who were fortunate enough to attend your presentations. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of inviting a number of top speakers from around the world, but rarely have I had such unanimously positive feedback. Your material was of the very highest quality and its presentation beyond compare. It's easy to see where you have developed your reputation as one of the most dynamic speakers in our industry."

Hubert Horn, Publisher, BodyLife, Germany

"As the keynote speaker for our convention, you received a 4.9 rating out of a possible 5. You were inspiring, funny, and touching to the point where all 5000 people in the audience were moved. Mikki, you are a one of a kind speaker who will touch audiences wherever you go. Thanks for providing the inspiration and motivation for our 10th anniversary convention in Las Vegas."

Kathie Davis, Executive Director, International Association of Fitness Professionals, IDEA

"Your keynote left an indelible mark on the entire Institute. The "passion" with which you approach life and your work with people was so infectious that I'm sure the participants at this year's Institute will always remember the event in relation to the "first they met Mikki Williams". Not only did you "seize the day", you seized the hearts and souls of everyone connected with the Institute. You are truly an inspirational individual."

Saul F. Levenshus, Consultant, Jewish Community Centers Association

"On your first day in Durban, you presented to a skeptical group of chauvinistic top South African businessmen and before long, had them eating out of your hand. On your second day, you presented to a large group of men and women from many walks of life and cultures, at the home of President Nelson Mandela, hosted by the Premier of Natal and his wife. This was a challenging audience that you handled with your usual superb intuition. You presented with amazing energy, true professionalism, and terrific entertainment value. Your standards are high. You are always prepared leaving nothing to chance, read your audience and deliver. Your follow up never fails to amaze me! Busy as you are, all promises are kept and you nurture your network with great care. You clearly touched many lives and made your mark here in South Africa - the first question is when are you coming back."

Cathy Yuill, National Coordinator, South Africa, Nike Network

"You not only met, but exceeded, our expectations in all that you delivered. Your style of presentation utilizing humor and personal stories to impact your points is a unique way that appeals to all people. Your thorough understanding of the insurance industry and its needs as well as your own personal experience are an invaluable inspiration."

Ray Kua, LUA Chairman, Life Underwriters of Singapore, LIA & LUA's Singapore

"What can I say? You were stunning. If ever a President dreamed of the perfect finale, you were it."

Barry Woolley, MLIA, Life Insurance Association of the United Kingdom

"This was by far my most memorable seminar and to say you were a hit is an understatement. It was obvious that you take the time to know your audience in advance of your talk. It will be a long time before we can top what you did."

Renee Maksymiew, Director, Life Insurance Managers Association of Canada

"Well, you did! Accepted a very short notice speaking engagement, crafted your message specific to our audience and industry, and then left them feeling as though you had prepared the 2 hour session months in advance and entirely for their own personal benefit. Each of the 320 qualifiers and partners at our Acapulco Leaders conference took your message to heart. You delivered upon your promise to entertain, inspire, and challenge each of our leaders. It was an extreme pleasure to work with such a consummate professional."

Pete Aarssen, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., Director, District Sales, London Life

"You are one dynamite, effective speaker! As a Past President of the Million Dollar Round Table, I have had the opportunity to review and listen to hundreds of speakers. You are, unquestionably, one of the best. You have a unique ability to tie together real life stories with common sense approaches to business challenges that lead the listener to a conclusion which is achievable."

William T. O'Donnell, Former President, Million Dollar Round Table

"You cracked some tough nuts when you moved some of the folks in our audience to such total participation in your speech! Wow, it was a great experience for us, just watching them being drawn into your presentation. Our agents really enjoyed hearing themselves singled out, and were amazed at how you remembered them, just from your informal time with before our meal. Of course they didn't understand how well you had done your homework."

Jeri Bradford, Chair, State Farm Insurance

"Our marketing people are not strangers to professional platform speakers so it takes a special kind of speaker with a special kind of presentation to hold them as you did and to touch them as you did. You really appealed to the whole person that lives inside all of us. In fact, that is your power. From the outrageous outfits, to the big hair, to the floor level delivery, to the common sense, to the laughter and tears, you give your whole self to the whole of an audience."

Chris LaPara, Manager, Marketing Training, BlueCross BlueShield

"You sent our sales people out ready to achieve any goal! I have heard a lot of motivational/inspirational speeches in my 32 years and YOU ARE BY FAR THE BEST. Mikki, you made me look great! Out of approximately seven hundred evaluations collected throughout the year, your program was always voted #1."

Chuck Petrozzini, Manager, Training and Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

"Staff who otherwise would not have come to our meeting did so because they heard about last year's presentation from other staff. Management thought you did a great job of weaving our objectives into your presentation and truly inspiring (to tears in some cases) a very large and diverse group. You indeed had a profound and lasting effect on our troops and I am still having requests for your tape for everyone to listen to. Yes, you do create value!"

Jane Satterfield, President and CEO, CARE Rehab, Inc.

"You really have a unique ability to encourage people to stretch, and your lessons in self love, goalsetting, and success-orientation were invaluable. Our sales people have heard a lot of professional platform speakers, so it takes a special kind of speaker with a special message to hold them spellbound the way you did. You reminded people of the potential that we all have and want to use."

Steve Hamm, Product Manager, GlaxoWellcome

"You truly live up to the billing given by Children's Hospital, they said you were Out of the Box in your approach to communication and that their staff was able to immediately use what you presented. That happened here as well. The staff is still examining their communication with each other and modifying their style to enhance it. Your presentation style reinforced the material, there has been no dropoff in learning. Your use of healthcare examples also made a connection with the staff."

Janet Loomer, R.N., Director of Performance Improvement, Hospice Care of DC

"Your presentation was motivational, educational, and entertaining. I appreciated all the time you spent working with me prior to the event to understand our audience as well as the purpose of our program so you could tailor your presentation to meet our specific needs. You captured the audience and had a significant and lasting effect upon them."

Cynthia S. Belt, Director, Public/Community Relations, Paris Hospital

"Thank you for your awesome presentation. The way you work an audience is incredible. Keying in on people's names added that special touch. You have a unique ability to tie together real life stories with common sense approaches to business and personal challenges which lead the listener to a conclusion which is achievable. At the end of your presentation, people feel good about themselves and about their prospects for success in life."

Vigla A. Clarke, Manager, Employee Resources, Pfizer, US Pharmaceuticals

"I have received nothing but rave reviews from attendees, and still hear people quoting "Mikkisms". It is truly a success when you see attendees continue to draw upon their memories from the session. In addition to your meaningful content and energetic delivery, I truly appreciate the time you spent in advance, getting to know SMS and your audience - it made your session even more meaningful."

Brenna M. Quinn, Training Manager, SMS Shared Medical Systems

"Everyone enjoyed you so much that I think you could have talked for hours and we could have sat right there and listened. You have a way of captivating your audience. I loved the way you involved them as well. People felt really motivated. You're a dynamic speaker, Mikki."

Linda Crutcher, Programs Chairman, Lockheed

"YOU ARE ONE TERRIFIC LADY, MIKKI! The way you work an audience is incredible. Keying on peoples' names added that special touch. My phone was ringing off the hook the day after the meeting. Thanks to you, Mikki, I am on the top of many peoples' lists - they think I am the greatest for inviting you to speak - I can handle that!"

Claudia A. Bucher, Vice President, Programs, McDonnell Douglas

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