Details from "Down Under" by Mikki Williams, CSP

As seen in the international newsletter of the National Speakers Association

How ya goin' mate? Each time "I go" I learn that means how are you? in Australian dialect, or Strine as it is colloquially called. It was my third trip and I fall more in love with the country and the Aussies each time. One of the few places in the world you can go and not fret over war, famine, internal struggles or political unrest. The Aussies live and let live. They are pro-American, hungry to learn about U.S. business practices, and proud to be on par and often times ahead. My client base down under is quite diverse, ranging from a bank, an entertainment software company, insurance, and several fitness/wellness clients. I am never bored!

This trip was to keynote a 2,000 delegate (as they call attendees) convention and business summit on the "Hawaii" of Australia "Surfers Paradise." An interesting place where they "choose" not to participate in the clock changing ritual so they can have long sunny days all year. The opportunities to speak in Australia are abundant, enjoyable and challenging. As a speaker with a large international client base, I've learned the challenge lies in doing one's homework, understanding the culture, the language, the often double-entendres (it means one thing here and another thing there) the dress, the customs and the people. When you master that, and you never do, therein lies the challenge and excitement. You feel an additional sense of exhilaration on top of the success of your presentation. Australia has a training levy, which in actuality, encourages them to have speakers and trainers more often than U.S. companies.

Other than the 20-hour plane ride, the "Up" side of speaking "Down" under is the people and the beautiful country. Imagine a country as big as the U.S. with the population of New York City, where they all have mobile phones as we have televisions. When asking an Aussie how far it is to another location, they reply in flying time, as we do in driving time. Their appetite for learning is insatiable, and their professionalism and hospitality is infinite. I will be back again in February for a three-week tour of Australian and New Zealand businesses. I did not leave my heart in San Francisco, I left it down under.

Mikki Williams,CSP is an inspirational humorist and business motivator. Her company, Mikki Williams Unltd. specializes in speaking, training and consulting in business dynamics, professional development and personal growth. 

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