5 ways to keep stress at bay! by John Godoy

Ultimately the best way to deal with stress is to seek help from a professional stress management practitioner who can guide you through it. However, if that is something you are not inclined to do at the moment, then the following are several strategies to you can independently apply. Done individually and for a short period of time, they may have minimal effect, but several of these done together, over time will create positive results.

1)      Read books on time management. By becoming much better at managing your time and planning ahead, you will eliminate many of the psychological stressors that arise when unpredictable events happen. Most people go about their day in a manner similar to their lives, there is no plan, they simply react to what the day or life throws at them.
2)      For many people in the corporate environment communicating with co-workers and giving presentations at work can cause headaches and anxiety. Do something about it. Dealing with people, presenting and communicating is a learned skill. Take an acting class or join toastmasters. These will help you develop the skills to be self-confidant in these situations.
3)      For many people conflict is a major issue. Whether it is in the home, at work or in a social setting, it all causes stress. Provide yourself with the tools to address conflict by Reading a book on conflict, strategy, personality types or NLP. Remember, the conflict you face has probably already been faced by someone else at some point during the course of history. Learn from their mistakes and successes.
4)      Journal. One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever received was to Journal. Putting thought to paper is not only liberating but further allows you to express yourself in a constructive way
5)      Exercise. This is one of the best ways to reduce stress in your body. Remember from the last issue, when you are stressed your body initiates the stress response and energy in the form of glucose comes flooding out of your cells. Exercise gives that glucose an outlet in that they fuel the muscles you will be working.



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